More Winter in the Historic Gardens

Jan 19, 2013 – It was like walking in a snowglobe today in the Gardens!



IMG_2644 (2)









The completion of Project 365, and the advent of Project 1000!

Project 365 – taking and posting a photo each and every day for a full year – is now complete. It has been a long, but rewarding, challenge and has had some very positive results. I’m glad I did it, and I’m equally glad it’s over.

While another 365 is not in the cards for a while, we (the local group who participated in this project) decided we would like to continue with some sort of Photo Challenge for 2012… something not as daunting as a 365.

I should add, for those who haven’t realized, that I have actually been doing TWO 365 projects this past year – one revolving around the Historic Gardens (THIS blog) and another one as my alter ego, The Garden Shutterbug, that was purely about the community and my personal development as a photographer. You can see the fruits of my TGS labour via my Shutterbug Blog at or my personal Flickr Collection.

I have included a link below that gives a bit of a wrap-up on Project 365 and provides details about what the plan is for a 2012 Photo Project. My Shutterbug persona will be taking on a different challenge than my Historic Gardens one, just to make life interesting! Because this is the Historic Gardens Blog, I will briefly describe plans for my Historic Gardens project and recommend you follow the link at the bottom to read up on the rest.

So, Project 1000: it’s pretty simple really – take and post/share 1000 photos of different aspects of the Historic Gardens before December 31. There will be no set schedule, no pre-selected themes: just lots of photos that show the best of what the Historic Gardens is all about. My motivation for this is also quite simple: I stumbled upon this “modernized” proverb:

“A journey of a thousand photos begins with a single click”

…and I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do in 2012.

I guess I’d better get “clicking”…

Read more: Wrap up comments for Project 365, and plans for 2012.

Day 84 – 25Mar2011 – Winter Aconite

Project 365 HG – Winter Aconite.

Day 84 – These little bloomers in the Lower Pond area of the Historic Gardens provide a bright splash of colour just when you need it the most! They are dainty, and tidy, and stand out so nicely on a sunny March day…

Day 83 – 24Mar2011 – Purple Heath

Project 365 – Purple Heath.

Day 83 – it is so nice to have the Gardens at my disposal again for my daily shot, and with another spring season upon us there is no shortage of brave little bloomers to photograph!

This sprig of purple heath stands proudly against scattered leaves…

Day 82 – 23Mar2011 – Early Crocus

Project 365 HG – Early Crocus.

Day 82 – Home sweet home. I ventured out into the Gardens today to see what had changed over the past 10 days while I was away. Definitely a lot less snow! And a lot more flowers – these croci stood up proudly among scattered oak leaves.

Day 81 – 22Mar2011 – Prairie in NS?

Project 365 HG – Prairie in NS?

Day 81 – Almost home… this photo of a field near Truro taken from the train window. It has an interesting effect – reminds me of a 40 year old postcard of Saskatchewan…