It’s Magnolia Time!

Magnolia time in Annapolis Royal.

What a sweet, sweet smell… and the colours are beautiful.

We invite you to stroll our community and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Please download a Self-guided Magnolia Map HERE.

Merrill Magnolia

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Meet you in Annapolis Royal!

Town Announces “Meet you in Annapolis Royal” Video Series

When they decided to create a series of five new promotional videos, the Town of Annapolis Royal had a great challenge. How do you capture more than 400 years of community and natural beauty in an attractive and engaging video production? With its particular mix of history, arts and gardens, Annapolis Royal is a community unlike any other. From the energy of the Saturday morning farmer’s market to the mystery of the candlelight tour at the Garrison Burial Grounds to the serenity of a walk through the roses at the Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal offers a wide variety of experiences for visitors and residents. Capturing the spirit of the town was the task given to Edifice Media when the Town of Annapolis Royal partnered with various community groups to create the “Meet you in Annapolis Royal” promotional videos.

“My family and I have been spending summers in the Annapolis Royal area since 2006 and have always been drawn to this perfect little town” said Edifice Media CEO, Dr Christopher Cooper. “This past summer we filmed a series of promotional videos based on the Branded Entertainment model of short episodic snap shots of the best Annapolis Royal has to offer – as always just a pleasure to work with the core people taking on this initiative and what better canvas to paint with than Annapolis Royal!

This video project was funded by the Town of Annapolis Royal with support from the Historic Gardens, Parks Canada, The Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, Explorer Visitors Guide, Annapolis Heritage Society and Annapolis Region Community Arts Council. “It was such a pleasure to work with Christopher Cooper and all the community partners who collaborated on this project” said Trish Fry, Manager of the Historic Gardens. “With social media marketing at the forefront, it is vitally important to have visual and engaging media as part of our internet marketing, and Edifice Media delivered just that.”

The first of the videos in the “Meet you in Annapolis Royal” series was released in the autumn. This video featured Laura Lowe riding a bicycle along St George Street while greeting merchants and residents along the way. The remainder of the videos will be released March 3 through April 14 to build momentum leading into the 2014 visitor season. “Thanks to the Town of Annapolis Royal for leading this effort to get us this far” Fry adds. “Now it is up to all of us to ensure that this tool is used to its maximum potential.”

Meet You Placard

Check it out!   MeetYou in Annapolis Royal

A January Trek in the Gardens…

Today I took a trek around the Historic Gardens, which usually provides several good photo ops. Today’s selection has a diverse mixture: dried flower heads, first flowers of 2013, and some blue-sky shots.

The clear winner via Facebook voting was this photograph of the path leading to the Lookoff:


Runners up included “Hydrangea Leftovers” and “Once upon a time I was a rose”:



And honourable mention has to go to the Yellow Heath pic, because it is my First Flower of 2013 shot!


Nice to see a splash or two of colour in the Gardens. More to come… spring will soon be here!



The 12 Views of Christmas

 Season’s Greetings!

As has become the Bloom Report tradition, I have assembled the 7th annual “12 Views of Christmas” for you this holiday season, featuring Christmas- themed scenes from around the Historic Gardens. In recent years, this has become more of challenge as there has been very little snowfall in December, and I’m still old fashioned enough to think that Christmas themed photos ought to have snow in them! So shown here are some recent photos – we did get a bit of white stuff this week – as well as some snowy shots from last winter to round out the selection.


The First Views of Christmas…

Why not start with this perfectly shaped Christmas tree…

The lower pond area was pretty special after a bit of snow this past week…

This view of the Acadian House is always interesting…

The Rose Arbour a few days ago, standing proudly…

I love the contrast in the winter Governor’s Garden…

And of course, a photo of holly fits right in!

Funky Feature of the Week:

The Graziella Grass is just amazing against the blue sky!

And more Views of Christmas…

The Governor’s Garden during Sunday’s snowfall…

This snowy shot was from last January…

And this, also from last winter, of the berries on the Rose Glow Barberry…

The Rose Arbour, from a distance…

A cone seems fitting for the season…

This winter view of Allain’s River is a favourite…

Fan Foto of the Week:

This is a bit of a different take on the Fan Foto section… but it fits the theme very well!

The following link is to an online video presentation featuring Annapolis Royal. While it focusses on the Victorian Christmas, it highlights many aspects of the Town and has several images of the Historic Gardens. Kudos to Ryan Scranton for the great photos, and to Chris Cooper for his creative genius in producing this gem! In just a few days “A Victorian Christmas” was viewed more than one million times – what incredible promotion for Annapolis Royal and area!

Please follow the link, relax and enjoy this taste of Christmas in our beautiful Town of Annapolis Royal. You’ll be glad you did!


On behalf of everyone here at the Historic Gardens, all the best to you and your family during this holiday season and in the New Year.
Merry Christmas!





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Bonus Shot:

This was taken last winter, but seems like a nice finishing shot for a “12 Views of Christmas” email…