The completion of Project 365, and the advent of Project 1000!

Project 365 – taking and posting a photo each and every day for a full year – is now complete. It has been a long, but rewarding, challenge and has had some very positive results. I’m glad I did it, and I’m equally glad it’s over.

While another 365 is not in the cards for a while, we (the local group who participated in this project) decided we would like to continue with some sort of Photo Challenge for 2012… something not as daunting as a 365.

I should add, for those who haven’t realized, that I have actually been doing TWO 365 projects this past year – one revolving around the Historic Gardens (THIS blog) and another one as my alter ego, The Garden Shutterbug, that was purely about the community and my personal development as a photographer. You can see the fruits of my TGS labour via my Shutterbug Blog at or my personal Flickr Collection.

I have included a link below that gives a bit of a wrap-up on Project 365 and provides details about what the plan is for a 2012 Photo Project. My Shutterbug persona will be taking on a different challenge than my Historic Gardens one, just to make life interesting! Because this is the Historic Gardens Blog, I will briefly describe plans for my Historic Gardens project and recommend you follow the link at the bottom to read up on the rest.

So, Project 1000: it’s pretty simple really – take and post/share 1000 photos of different aspects of the Historic Gardens before December 31. There will be no set schedule, no pre-selected themes: just lots of photos that show the best of what the Historic Gardens is all about. My motivation for this is also quite simple: I stumbled upon this “modernized” proverb:

“A journey of a thousand photos begins with a single click”

…and I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do in 2012.

I guess I’d better get “clicking”…

Read more: Wrap up comments for Project 365, and plans for 2012.


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