Winter Farmer’s Market – Oct to May

The Historic Gardens are honoured to be home of the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmer’s Market, running from mid October through mid May each year.

Annapolis Royal has had an amazing Farmer’s & Trader’s Market for 35 years now – the largest outdoor market in the Maritimes! And now, for the past 9 years, our wee community has also been able to boast a “Winter Market”, at the Historic Gardens. The baton is handed back and forth between the two markets every October and May, resulting in a Year Round Farmer’s Market in two locations.

The Winter Farmer’s Market is outdoors in the spring and fall, and there is a large sheltered area so don’t let inclement weather deter you! Then in the colder months it moves to an indoor location, taking over the space where the Gardens Gift Shop is located in the summer season. It is a cozy market, with vendors covering almost any local food product you can imagine: coffee, baked goods, jams & jellies, meat, poultry, fish, veggies, fruit, cheese, eggs, … and the list goes on!

** To learn more about our Winter Market Vendors, visit Meet the Vendors!

While you visit the Winter Market, you can enjoy the Gardens as well, wandering with a coffee and croissant in hand. In the snowy season, we even have snowshoes for loan, and often a bonfire in the Main Courtyard to gather around and warm your hands! It’s a great social time as well as the perfect venue to buy your weekly supply of local food products.

For current information, visit our Facebook page:

For the 2017-18 season, the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmer’s Market will operate EVERY Saturday, 9am-12noon, from October 15 to May 12. For further information, call (902) 532-7018.

Meet you at the Market!


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