Arnold Promise

Witch Hazel 'Arnold Promise'

Much to the delight of our visitors, we were able to exhibit several Witch Hazel cuttings at an event recently, taken from the shrubs at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. This one is ‘Arnold Promise’, one of the Arnold Arboretum’s most famous plant introductions. We really love its striking yellow tendrils, and always look forward to it blossoming in the Gardens in late winter.

To read more about this stunning plant, we refer you to an Arnold Arboretum blog post:

Day 48 – 17Feb2011 – Witch Hazel Pallida

Project 365 HG – Witch Hazel ‘Pallida’.

Day 48 – Twas a gorgeous sunny day with a spring-like feel, so I strapped on the snowshoes and trekked around the Gardens. In my travels I found a few surprises… including the fact that two of our Witch Hazels were coming into bloom!

It is sooooo nice to see the bright and cheery sight of the “first blossom of 2011” in the Historic Gardens! As the snow recedes in the coming weeks, there will be more surprises ahead. Can’t wait!!!