It’s Magnolia Time!

Magnolia time in Annapolis Royal.

What a sweet, sweet smell… and the colours are beautiful.

We invite you to stroll our community and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Please download a Self-guided Magnolia Map HERE.

Merrill Magnolia

For more information on the area, please follow these links:


Guided Magnolia Walk

The first weekend of our magnolia celebrations has finished, but there are more great activities coming up.

The next of these is Monday’s Guided Magnolia Walk. Join Karen Achenbach and Angelika Waldow for an informative tour of the Town’s magnolia collection as well as those in the Historic Gardens. Then enjoy a social time and refreshments.

Meet at the Historic Gardens parking lot by 2pm. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted!

Celebrating Magnolias

Ahhhhh, the sweet smell of magnolias in the air! Yes, that’s the atmosphere in Annapolis Royal these days as our ever-growing magnolia collection hits its peak bloom period for 2010. Did you know there are more than 100 magnolias planted throughout Annapolis Royal? Many of these are in the world famous Historic Gardens, while many others are located on public and private properties.

Leonard Messel

A visit to the Town and the Gardens in the next week or so will be a delight for the senses. The Courthouse lawn, for instance, looks wonderful with the soft pinks and whites framing the majestic courthouse behind! Many of the private homes along St. George Street have magnolias gracing their front lawns – pinks, whites, yellows… beautiful! And the Historic Gardens collection is at its best, with 18 varieties of magnolia.

The community will be Celebrating Magnolias in early May with a number of great events. (Click here to see the schedule). Because Mother Nature has been in a bit of a rush this spring, our peak magnolia bloom is a good couple weeks early, so my suggestion is this:

* Come very soon to visit Annapolis Royal and explore our fine magnolia collection,a s well as the other great attributes of our Town. You can download a Self Guided Map HERE.
* Return to Annapolis Royal in early May to take part in the our magnolia celebrations!


An early spring!

Wow! The last couple months has been so unseasonably warm… our last significant snowfall was sometime in February I believe! As a result, we are having one of the earliest springs on record, and certainly by far the earliest I have seen in almost 30 years at the Historic Gardens. In reviewing my photo records, most of our bloomers are a good three weeks ahead of last spring, and last spring was reasonably early too.  Here are a few photos…

Our magnolias are blooming - this is 'Jennifer'


Anemone Blanda

May Apples unfurling...

Rhod 'Nancy Steele' preparing to open - beautiful yellow bloomer!

I invite everyone to come visit the Gardens early this spring. While we are not “officially open” until May, we welcome visitors every day on a “by donation” basis. Come out soon and enjoy the blossoms!

Happy Spring!


Spring Colour

Today I thought I’d let some photos do the talking… the following were taken in the Gardens a few days ago. Spring seems to have finally sprung!

One of our first Daffs

One of our first Daffs



Heath in the Winter Garden

Heath in the Winter Garden

The first magnolia blossom of 2009!

The first magnolia blossom of 2009!



All for today…

Funky Feature – Magnolias Spring & Fall

In another recap of a “Funky Feature of the Week” we look at magnolias. They are sheer beauty in the Spring, with their pinks, whites, purples, yellows… and their amazing aroma.


But in autumn, they are pure funk, sporting crazy looking fruit or seeds pods.



The Town of Annapolis Royal has an extensive collection of magnolias, many of them within the Historic Gardens. In May, the community will be Celebrating Magnolias with a number of exciting events, from informative lectures and tours to relaxing and fun social events. A full schedule of events will soon be available on the Town’s website.

A Touch of Spring… in February?

A February Magnolia!

A February Magnolia!

This would be the type of post where I try to make you insanely jealous by showing you what I have surrounded myself with this past couple weeks.

February Forsythia

February Forsythia

I wish I could post “scratch & smell” photos so you could experience the beautiful aroma as well!

We had a display at a Tourism Showcase in Cornwallis recently, and I thought it would be fun to force a few spring flowers to display.The forsythia is a commonly forced flower of course, but the magnolias were quite a conversation piece! (Because we had large magnolia branch fall in the December wind storms, I was able to “harvest” a number of small branches nicely in bud.)
So, given the weather (will it ever stop snowing?) it seemed like a good day to show you a touch of spring!