Cicada Molting

As well as being surrounded by the beauty of trees, flowers and shrubs in unique garden designs, in the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens you can also see lots of small critters and insects. As a result, we often get the opportunity to witness “nature happening” right in front of us, and yesterday was one of those times.


One of our students noticed a bug molting or eclosing on a sign in the Main Courtyard. The location was perfect to get some photos, watch the process, and to let the visitors look and learn as well.

With a little googling, we realized it was a cicada. Also, it turns out that one of our students is a bit of a bug geek, so she was able to explain the whole process for everyone.

Here are a few of the photos, in sequence…

We hear the cicadas a lot in the heat of summer, but this is the first time most of us had witnessed the molting. Perhaps not as “beautiful” as the metamorphosis of a new monarch, but clearly another one of Mother Nature’s little miracles.