2012 Rose List Published



  • That the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens’ Rose Collection has more than 270 cultivars? WOW!
  • That the Historic Gardens boasts one of the largest Rose Collections in Canada? WOW!
  • That currently, at the end of June 2012, they are at their peak – a feast for the senses and a shutterbug’s paradise? WOW!

We have published our 2012 Rose List…  DOWNLOAD HERE.

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(More info: www.historicgardens.com)


Mountain Laurel Mania

One of my favourite features in the Gardens each year is the Kalmia or Mountain Laurel. The buds are geometric masterpieces, which then open into lovely small flowers… These shots were taken June 22, 2012.

#1 – Kalmia ‘Sarah’

#2 – Kalmia ‘Alpine Pink’

#3 – Kalmia ‘Nancy’

#4 – Kalmia

#5 – Kalmia ‘Heart of Fire’

#6 – Kalmia ‘Freckles’

#7 – Kalmia Hillside

What a show they are putting on!


Day 117 – 27Apr2011 – Fountain Bamboo Flower

Project 365 HG – Fountain Bamboo Flower.

Day 117 – As I was wandering the Gardens taking photos for my weekly Bloom Report, I noticed blossoms on the Fountain Bamboo (Fargesia nitida). It was a state of bloom I had neither witnessed nor photographed before today… always exciting for me!

The Fountain Bamboo, like many bamboos, blooms very seldom – in fact, about every 100 years – and often dies afterwards! Ours has been in it’s “bloom period” for a couple years now so we’ve been keeping an eye on it. But I had never witnessed it looking quite like this… lucky day!

Day 48 – 17Feb2011 – Witch Hazel Pallida

Project 365 HG – Witch Hazel ‘Pallida’.

Day 48 – Twas a gorgeous sunny day with a spring-like feel, so I strapped on the snowshoes and trekked around the Gardens. In my travels I found a few surprises… including the fact that two of our Witch Hazels were coming into bloom!

It is sooooo nice to see the bright and cheery sight of the “first blossom of 2011” in the Historic Gardens! As the snow recedes in the coming weeks, there will be more surprises ahead. Can’t wait!!!

DAY 29 – 29Jan2011 – Nature’s Tree Ornaments

Project 365 – Nature’s Tree Ornaments.

Day 29 dawned a beautiful day, with the recent storm’s snow still stuck to everything in sight. That made for very showy ‘seed balls’ on the London Plane Tree at the Gardens.

I think of these as Mother Nature’s Christmas Tree Ornaments – they hang perfectly from the tree most of the winter.


Cedar of Lebanon – A Winter Beauty!

Cedar of Lebanon / Cedrus libani

This little guy looks great with branches laden in fresh snow!

This tree has a long history and religious significance… For more on the Cedar of Lebanon, check out my earlier Blog entry


DAY 14 – 14Jan2011 – Burst of Colour

14/365 – A little burst of colour in the porch outside my office… the gardeners entrusted this succulent to me for the winter months and it has been putting on quite a little show for me! Such funky little flowers too!