Meet the Vendors – Glory Farm – Craig & Julie Medicraft

Part of a series about the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market, written by Valerie Davies.

Craig and Julie Medicraft of Glory Farm, Tupperville

By Valerie Davies

Inside the Historic Gardens gift shop are more than a dozen vendors selling produce, coffee, ‘antiques’ and of course items from the Historic Gardens  itself.  On one indoor market table are fresh eggs, jars of pickles and rice mixes, all from Glory Farm, 165 Tupperville Road, owned by Craig and Julie Medicraft.  Craig grows the vegetables and Julie dehydrates the  fruits and vegetables and makes the canned preserves.  Two other products they make are fruit leather and rice pudding.  They have mixed farming with chickens, cows and pigs as well as a wide variety of herbs and vegetables.  This year they plan to increase their production as they sold out of fresh vegetables last year.  The Medicrafts have three greenhouses that help extend the growing and picking season from March to December. Their eggs are from their own free range chickens that are fed a GMO free feed. Craig grows all vegetables and fruits using natural methods. The farm is completely no spray.

At the present time the Medicrafts sell five different rice mixes, Mexican, Green Thai, Curry, Cranberry and Mushroom. All are gluten free and do not include salt.  This year they plan to introduce Orange Ginger and Smoky Mushroom.  Most packages of rice mixes serve four people. The rice they use is brown rice. The herbs and dehydrated vegetables are from their garden, except for curry powder and spices.  The rice mixes can be served as a side dish with meats or in the case of vegetarian dishes they provide a whole nourishing meal.

Not only does Julie dehydrate vegetables and make pickles, but she has a catering business catering for weddings, funerals, business meetings and any special occasion.

Julie moved to Nova Scotia, thirty-eight years ago from Ontario and went to school in Lawrencetown, then graduated in hair dressing from the NSCC in Middleton.   Craig’s family has lived in Nova Scotia since the 1800’s.  His ancestor was granted land in Dalhousie in 1812 and worked in lumber.

The Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market runs every Saturday morning, 9-12, from mid October through mid May at the Historic Gardens.



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