Meet the Vendors – Bruce Family Farm – Danny Bruce and Sandie Troop

Part of a series about the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market, written by Valerie Davies.

Bruce Family Farm, Centrelea – Danny Bruce and Sandie Troop

By Valerie Davies

The Bruce Family Farm has been going for six generations and is well established in the Annapolis Valley.  Danny and Sandie along with their son and daughter have each contributed to the running of the family farm, selling organic grass fed beef, lamb, eggs from organic chickens, wool, jams, garlic in winter and maple syrup and artichokes on their stall at both the summer and winter markets.

Beef is their main product. They can sell you a variety of cuts or a complete cut up and packaged animal ready for the freezer.  Pure beef breakfast sausages are also available which do not contain wheat as a filler. One specialty is beef fat for the birds in winter. The Bruce family recycles bait bags found on the beach and once used by the fishermen, in which to contain the beef for the birds.

Their sheep are grown mainly for meat, but Danny does sell Briggs and a little yarn. Over the years Sandie has had maritime yarn for sale and makes the jams for the market.  The fresh eggs contain no GMO, sprays or antibiotics.  Danny’s 16 year old nephew has been producing maple syrup for the past 3 years and it is sold on the Bruce Family Farm stall. Apple cider comes from the Inglis View Farm all year round and Danny sells organic Inglis apples in the winter.  He believes in giving neighbours a chance to sell some of their products on his stall.

Danny Bruce enjoys interacting with the consumer, getting to know what the buyer would like to purchase and providing it if possible and available.  This is the third winter he has had his stall inside the Historic Garden’s shop. The first two years he was outside.  Originally just Sandie worked on the stall in the summer market, but Danny wanted to help too.  Now he does the winter market by himself, where he has gained some customers for his beef sales and really enjoys meeting all the customers.

The Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market runs every Saturday morning, 9-12, from mid October through mid May at the Historic Gardens.


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