Meet the Vendors – Black Barn Produce: John Wright

Part of a series about the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market, written by Valerie Davies.

Black Barn Produce: John Wright

by Valerie Davies

When you enter the enclosed market at the Historic Gardens, the stall of Black Barn Produce is the one on the left as you go through the door.  The owner John Wright came to Canada in 2012, 5½ years ago to Bridgetown from the UK with his wife and daughter looking for a different life.  He was a computer programmer and his wife a teacher of grades 5 & 6.  Why did he call his produce, Black Barn?  He happens to have a black barn in his backyard!

A friend knew that John grew his own alfalfa sprouts and suggested he take extra sprouts to the market to sell.  This he did for a while, then realized that there were firm regulations growing sprouts in water.  Now he grows micro greens, young veggies a week old which are grown in regulation composted soil in trays and sold in lightly sealed plastic bags.

For a while John was able to sell mushrooms, but recently the factory was closed down in Waterville and now he is hoping a new mushroom farm will open in PEI. Presently John is selling cat grass that is more nutritious than catnip which is a drug.  The cat grass contains silica that helps cats get rid of fur balls. Any extra cat grass he has, his wife sells in her flower shop, the Bloom Box, located in Bridgetown.

During the summer months John grows unsprayed greenhouse tomatoes, eggplants and Jerusalem artichokes. He has planted strawberries and raspberries in his garden for the 2017 season. John’s big seller however is his triple chocolate brownies using fair trade organic chocolate and eggs from his free range chickens.

If you wish to know more about John’s Black Barn Produce his phone number is 902-665-5039.




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