Meet the Vendors – Al the Wood Man

Part of a series about the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market, written by Valerie Davies.

Al the Wood Man

by Valerie Davies

The first vendor you see as you approach the Winter Market on a Saturday morning between nine and noon, at the Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal is Al Angrignon, the ‘wood man’.  He is always ready to chat and discuss issues around forestry and other news.  His truck is filled with good wood ready for the fire.  In fact, as you look further into the courtyard of the Gardens, you will see a cozy open fire burning in a brazier and maybe folks standing around warming themselves.  This fire adds a special ambiance to the winter market especially on a snowy day.  Al is a local man, selling locally grown wood for the fireplace.  He delivers a cord or more and can be contacted by phoning, 902-665-4090 or 902-247-1587.  When driving on highway 1 between Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown you may see his wood stored close to the Annapolis River. His e-mail


In 1975 Al decided he would make forestry his career and joined the five-year degree program at the University of New Brunswick.  After graduating he worked for forestry industries in Washington State USA, Saskatchewan and in New Brunswick.  In 2001 he decided to become self employed and returned to Nova Scotia, where he was born. 


Al buys most of his wood from a local contractor.  Truckloads are delivered sometimes 60 cords at a time then processed into specific firewood orders and delivered, mostly in Annapolis County.  The wood is all hardwoods, about 80% maple the rest is a mixture of birch, oak, ash and beech.  He sells firewood all year round and encourages customers to buy in late fall and winter hoping to grow his shoulder seasons.  An added service is to stack the wood for those who have difficulty with that task or to store it if the customer does not have the space available. He also sells value added bagged campwood and starting in 2017 he will have 1/5th cord bags.  Whatever your need or space available for burning logs, Al will custom cut and guarantees a full cord on delivery.


Al’s company CTL Forest Resources delivers close to a 1000 cords of firewood annually, with most customers being repeat clients. Al has help with this, one employee and his wife taking care of the books. Their business is built on providing value and customer service. Al also has a full time job as manager of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia, an industry organization serving about 700 members from Yarmouth to Sydney. It is clear Al loves forestry, what he does and he jokes he has sawdust in his veins.


Thanks Valerie for this article, and thanks Al for keeping our Courtyard Bonfire burning!


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