Historic Gardens Spring Cleanup Week – April 20-25, 2015

Join us for the 2015 Historic Gardens Spring Clean-up – April 20-25

The Tradition Continues!

Mark April 20-25 (Mon-Sat) on your calendar, and try to find some time to join staff and volunteers at Annapolis Royal’s Historic Gardens for this year’s long awaited Spring Clean-up. After a very very long winter, the Gardens crew is faced with much abbreviated spring season, and opening day is only a few short weeks away. We could really use some help!


A community tradition, the first “Spring Clean-up” at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens occurred in April 1987. The initial concept arose as an offer from several Board members to volunteer on a Saturday in April to help the horticultural staff with the extensive clean-up that awaited after a long winter. The Board decided that they should publicize this “event” in case there were a few others in the community who might offer assistance. What resulted was beyond all expectations. The Gardens’ Spring Clean-up instantly became a major spring event in the community. Annually, some 70-100 people from dozens of communities in the Western Valley have donned their rubber boots and garden gloves, loaded their rakes and wheelbarrows in the car, and headed to the Gardens to help out.


Years later, the Gardens Clean-up has expanded to a week-long event. For many volunteers, this event is the first rite of spring – a true sign that the gardening season is underway. It motivates them to begin their own yardwork and gardening tasks, yet they are still generous enough to spend time at the gardens even though their own yards are calling. Volunteers find it a great opportunity to learn from Gardens staff, and our staff very much enjoy working side by side with the many volunteers. As one volunteer stated recently “What a wonderful opportunity it is to volunteer for Spring Clean-Up Week at the Historic Gardens! Not only does it feel great to be able to give back to this most beautiful corner-stone of our community, but it’s a fantastic learning opportunity too.”


Join the 2015 Historic Gardens Spring Cleanup efforts April 20-25 (Mon-Sat) 9am-4pm. Typical shifts are 9-12 or 1-4 each day. You can work several shifts during the week, or if you only have an hour to give, we’d love to have you join us and help as you can!  It makes a great family outing – an opportunity to work outdoors with your kids and teach them the value of volunteering at the same time.


Further information on the Clean-up can be obtained by calling the Gardens office at 532-7018 or by emailing admin <at sign> historicgardens.com.



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