Once an Annapolitan, Always an Annapolitan!

Once an Annapolitan, Always an Annapolitan!

This is a story about a local boy… someone who grew up in Annapolis Royal, riding his bike and climbing trees in his backyard, on the very lands that are now the Historic Gardens. He graduated from the Academy and headed off to build a life. But his hometown kept calling him, and as he began to retire (for he has been doing that off and on for years), he began to spend more and more time “back home” in Annapolis Royal. He carried many fond memories of this wee town wherever he went in life, and now feels privileged to once again call Annapolis Royal his home.

He and his wife returned to a changed community – there are many great “new” things that were not here when he was a lad. One of those is the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. The Gardens added a special element to modern life in Annapolis Royal, and he embraced this special place as his own.


Peter enjoys a little down time with his camera in the Gardens…

This young man had a rewarding and successful career and upon returning to his hometown (and even before) he has chosen to give back to our community in many ways. And because of his strong affection for, and appreciation of, the Historic Gardens, he has given very generously to help ensure that the Gardens are here for future generations to enjoy.

One day he thought how wonderful it would be for more people to join him in supporting the Historic Gardens. To encourage this, he offered to match every new dollar donated to the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens in 2013 up to a total of $15,000.

From his childhood days through to his retirement days, Peter Nicholson has been proud to call Annapolis Royal his home town. And since the Gardens were created, Peter has considered them a source of immense community pride and a Canadian jewel. In his words: “The Historic Gardens are a precious and enormously valuable resource for our community, our province and yes, even for our country.”

This is part of the Gardens that was Nicholson property in Peter's childhood days.

This is part of the Gardens that was Nicholson property in Peter’s childhood days.

So a hearty thank you to Peter and Jane Nicholson for their continued support, which comes to us in so many ways. Their contributions of time, talent & energy to the betterment of this community are very much appreciated.

Peter’s Challenge is good until December 31 – he invites new donors to make a first-time donation, and equally he invites current donors to increase their level of commitment. “Join me in supporting this gem within our community!”

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