A Visit with the Hookers…

We have been selling tickets on a beautiful hooked mat this summer, donated by the Habitation Hookers to raise money for the Historic Gardens. With the draw only two weeks away we wanted to take a moment to recognize this dedicated group of hookers and to let you know where you can see this mat, and how you can purchase tickets.

I was invited to join this group at the Port Royal Community Hall to see them “at work”. And while this incredible project is most worthy of being labelled “work”, once you sit in with them for a few minutes you realize that it is indeed a labour of love for them all. They so enjoy their craft, and the social time they have as they hook and create, that there is no question that they simply love being hookers and have loads of fun doing it.

Thanks so much to this group creating this mat for us.

A Word from the Habitation Hookers:

Hope you like our “charity” mat. One of our members, Carol Thorne, created the pattern and put it on the backing. Our other members donated the wool fabric and the time required to hook the mat – several months of time. It was then whipped (the wool yarn edging was put on) and the binding tape was sewn on the back of the mat to finish it.

Have fun with it and we hope it is a successful fundraiser for the Historic Gardens!

The winning ticket will be drawn on Saturday, December 14, at 11am during the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market.

If you have not yet picked up your tickets, or if you feel the need to help your odds of winning by purchasing MORE tickets, there are a number of ways…

The Mat will be displayed every day (Tues-Sat) at the Gardens office until December 14. Tickets may be purchased there as well. (There is one exception, as follows…)

The Mat will be displayed Saturday December 7 at the Annapolis Royal Fire Hall during the Christmas Craft Market. We will be there with memberships, calendars, cards, and yes… with raffle tickets.

And if you can’t get here in person but want to buy tickets, well this is 2013 after all so we have tickets available through our Web Store. You can buy online and if you win the Mat, shipping can easily be arranged.


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