Celebrate Heritage Day in the Gardens Feb 18!

Celebrate Heritage Day at the Historic Gardens

with the following events, inspired by the Heritage Day theme of

Heritage of Power Generation (aka ENERGY):

9-12 Winter Farmer’s Market: Always great ENERGY there!

10-12 Snowshoeing in the Gardens (weather permitting):

That’s using your own ENERGY to get active! (Snowshoes available to borrow)

10-12 Courtyard Bonfire & Marshmallow Roast:

yup, FIRE is a great ENERGY source!

10-12 Blacksmith demonstration with Brad Hall:

see how Brad uses fire power to bend metal and create artwork!

10-12 Trek to the Acadian House

Warm yourself by the fire, chat with Acadian Alan Melanson and sip a bit of hot chocolate.

That will give you an ENERGY boost!

1-4 Family snowshoeing and hot chocolate all afternoon!


Gonna be a GREAT day! Join us!

For more details on Heritage Day events throughout Annapolis Royal, please follow this link.


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