Day 235 – 23Aug2011 – Dog Days

Project 365 HG – Dog Days.

Day 235 – This is Laddie. He joined Sarah in the Booth this afternoon – he was very good at greeting Gardens visitors, and almost had the cash register mastered by the time his owners came to fetch him. Thanks for the help Laddie!


2 thoughts on “Day 235 – 23Aug2011 – Dog Days

  1. Thankyou Trish and the garden staff for engaging Laddie in such an interesting activity and keeping him safe after his recent escape. As a nine month old Border Collie and into adolesence, he was finding it too boring at home.I must say he does look fetching in that photo!
    In an attempt to give him enough excitement and exercise,I tried him running along on his extendaleash in front of my bicycle today along the old railway bed.It was an exilarating ride and he did quite well except when he took off after squirrels.We arrived home sweaty and safe.

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