Day 157 – 06Jun2011 – After the Grapes

Project 365 HG – After the Grapes.

Day 157 – My Historic Gardens photo of the day is not a floral shot. In fact, it is a bit of a stretch, but follow the logic here… In the Historic Gardens, we have an Acadian garden, and in that garden we have a Bear River Grape, and in Bear River, there are wineries, and in one of those wineries are these wine vats, and thus my Historic Gardens photo of the day. Make sense?

While in Bear River today, I stopped my Annapolis Highland Vineyards and had a quick tour of their production facility. We are fortunate in the Annapolis Valley to have a blossoming wine industry, with several wineries in the upper end of the Valley and several more in the Bear River region, near Annapolis Royal.

It is believed that in 1611, Louis Hebert planted the first grape vines in North America in the Bear River area. That would make 2011 the 4ooth Anniversary, and celebrations are underway in Bear River!

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