Day 156 – 05Jun2011 – Urban Beauty

Project 365 HG – Urban Beauty.

Day 156 – This shot is not of the Historic Gardens, but instead is a shot of a particularly impressive plant display I discovered in an “urban” area of Annapolis Royal today. (Since Annapolis Royal has a total population of less than 500 people, the term “urban” is used loosely.)

This is a back street in the downtown, actually consisting of the backs of adjoining retail buildings. As is the case in most such buildings, there are apartments on the second floor.

With not a patch of green space to call their own, these folks have managed to create a little oasis amid the pavement, with a magnificent wisteria vine on the right, lilacs on the left, and some container planting as well. You have to work with what you have… and they have done a truly impressive job.


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