Day 155 – 04Jun2011 – The Baron’s Azaleas

Project 365 HG – The Baron’s Azaleas.

Day 155 – At this time of year, when the rhodies and azaleas at the Historic Gardens are so spectacular, I always like to share the story of The Baron’s Azaleas.

It was in the early years of the Gardens’ existence. The new Tidal Power Generating Station was opening in 1984, and Baron Edmund de Rothschild visited Annapolis Royal at that time, as he had a great interest in renewable energy. While he was here, he was given a tour of the Historic Gardens. So impressed was he, that upon returning home to England, he had a dozen azaleas sent to Annapolis Royal from his own Exbury Gardens, to add to the Historic Gardens collection.

To this day, “The Baron’s Azaleas” , or Exbury azaleas, provide a punch of colour every June!


One thought on “Day 155 – 04Jun2011 – The Baron’s Azaleas

  1. That is a wonderful story, very typical of the outreach success of your Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens.

    You and your communities efforts in developing a world class horticultural attraction is inspiring.

    I hope to see you and your garden again this summer.

    Yours truly,

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