Day 136 – 16May2011 – Weymouth Garden Club

Project 365 – Weymouth Garden Club.

Day 136 – I had the pleasure of presenting to the Weymouth Garden Club this evening.

At home, it is common for organizations to meet in church halls. But Weymouth Garden Club is very fortunate to be meeting in an actual church – the old St. Thomas Anglican Church now owned by the Weymouth Historical Society. It is a lovely small church, built in 1864 and deconsecrated in 1977.

Used as a meeting hall, the church still has the great old woodwork and windows, and has retained its church-like atmosphere – it currently serves as a gathering place in the community, much as it always did.

A highlight for me was the Casavant pipe organ, originally presented to the church in 1908 by Sydney St. Clair Jones in memory of his mother Carrie Goodwin Jones. I love pipe organs and after the meeting I took lots of photos.

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