Day 51 – 20Feb2011 – Dyke Walk

Project 365 HG – Dyke Walk.

Day 51, and I took a walk out on the Dykewalk, a part of the Gardens that allows you to walk a short loop to the Allain’s River using the tops of the dykes.

The purpose of the dykes is to protect the land within its perimeter from the salt tides so that we can grow crops within the field. Acadian built dykes in our area centuries ago to reclaim the fertile marshlands and use them for growing crops. Remnants of the old Acadian dykes still exist behind the Gardens, but this dyke is a modern one.

Dykes settle over time, and ours are at the stage that they require “topping up” by the Department of Agriculture. In the particularly high tides yesterday, water washed over the dykes in several places – in this shot you can see seaweed and debris on the dyketop and even within the dyked land.


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