Day 48 – 17Feb2011 – Witch Hazel Pallida

Project 365 HG – Witch Hazel ‘Pallida’.

Day 48 – Twas a gorgeous sunny day with a spring-like feel, so I strapped on the snowshoes and trekked around the Gardens. In my travels I found a few surprises… including the fact that two of our Witch Hazels were coming into bloom!

It is sooooo nice to see the bright and cheery sight of the “first blossom of 2011” in the Historic Gardens! As the snow recedes in the coming weeks, there will be more surprises ahead. Can’t wait!!!


One thought on “Day 48 – 17Feb2011 – Witch Hazel Pallida

  1. Lovely photos.

    I am soooo jealous that your witch hazels are out. They really are a promise of spring. I don’t think we have witch hazels in flower yet but this Saturday when I went to feed the sheep, I was greeted by three brand new lambs!

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