DAY 24 – 24Jan2011 – Garden Painting

Project 365 – Garden Painting

Day 24 – It’s my day off, and it’s brutally cold outside… ergo a photo of the day representing the Historic Gardens from INSIDE my house!

This is the painting that hangs above my fireplace, by Glen Henshaw of Deep Brook. Glen generously donated it to a Gardens fundraiser some ten years ago, at which my mother and I bought it. The artwork, you see, shows the Golden Rain Tree which was planted many years ago in memory of my father – thus we felt the painting must come to the Fry house!

My mother has since died, and this piece of artwork is now the focal piece in my living room.



2 thoughts on “DAY 24 – 24Jan2011 – Garden Painting

  1. I love the idea of a photograph a day. I must say, here in grey, wet old England, it’s hard to come up with daily inspiration at this time of year. I am therefore enjoying yours over in Canada, where I intend to retire later this year. I am Nova Scotia bound, so keep those photos coming as I am watching with particular interest!

    • Glad to hear you are Nova Scotia bound! ’tis God’s country after all… especially the Annapolis Valley! Enjoy the photos!

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