Harold Cromwell – A Market Regular!

Remember Harold Cromwell at the Annapolis Farmers Market? Or at Upper Clements Park? With pencil and sketchbook in hand?

Harold Cromwell

I think many of us remember those days very well… they weren’t that awfully long ago. His drawings were very detailed, and unique, most of them about a world he knew well.  You should read a bit more about him and see some of his artwork by following this link.

We are fortunate to have one of his works at our ART Auction on September 26 in the Gardens.

I do hope this artwork finds a good home!


5 thoughts on “Harold Cromwell – A Market Regular!

  1. Harold Cromwell was a Giant among Folk Artists ,in someways a Genius ,having a photographic memory ,he was able to design scenes that were from 50 years earlier at a high degree of accuracy,yet in Folk Art style.
    Good luck with your Auction .

  2. I need to find this mans family!!! I stumble across something they may consider treasure! Photo album!! 😀
    Please email if you know of any helpful information.
    Thank you,

  3. Morning…..not sure ,but i can look into this ,next time i go to area..
    If you decide to sell it…id be interested in taking a look . All he best -Gary

  4. Good-day…..His wife still lives in Weymouth area,also a son -local,he has a daughter who lives out west somewhere.Every fall the historical society in Weymouth has a Harold Cromwell Week Featival .

    Also the Digby Museum was in process ( last fall) of cataloging a manuscript on his work across his drawing years.They are in contact with his daughter who is behind the project……..Hope this helps a bit …

  5. Hi everyone: I’m Natasha Cromwell, youngest daughter of Harold Cromwell and founder of HEC Folk Art Studio of Nova Scotia. There are things in the works, and a new website dedicated to my father’s work will be up and running before the end of 2012. I do appreciate your interest. I will keep you posted. Best regards to all.

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