Tom Forrestall – Valley Roots!

Another great artist featured in the Historic Gardens ART Auction on September 26 is Tom Forrestall, of Dartmouth, NS.

Detailed View

Tom is a Valley boy, spending much of his childhood in Middleton and even still maintaining a part time presence in the Valley, a common sight around Annapolis Royal. Tom attended Mount Allison University, which immediately gives him extra points in my books – GO Mounties! Tom has had a long, interesting and impressive career as an artist, which you should read about on his website. And Tom has a 30 year relationship with the Historic Gardens, creating the artwork “The Universal Hand of Mankind” used by the Gardens as signature artwork for the Society, and sold in the form of a Limited Edition print and art cards. We thank Tom for his decades of interest in the Historic Gardens.

The artwork up for auction September 26 was donated to the Gardens by a private collector.


2 thoughts on “Tom Forrestall – Valley Roots!

  1. Nice piece. Good luck with the auction. Dad and I both painted together at the Historic Gardens this summer on the Sunday of Paint the Town, near the fountain and Lily pond.
    Love the Historic Gardens!

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