Maud Lewis – a local gem!

There’s hardly a person in Nova Scotia who is not familiar with the name “Maud Lewis” and at least somewhat familiar with her story.  What a great chapter she painted in local history, a simple life that has given the world so much pleasure. Her artwork helped her survive, and was obviously her passion… but certainly she never would have imagined that her works would eventually be so popular and so valuable!

There is a wonderful synopsis of Maud Lewis’ life on the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia website, and a nice video clip about the restoration of her house, a work of art in and of itself. Well worth a couple minutes to have a look at these.

Why am I educating (or re-educating) myself about Maud Lewis? Because we are fortunate to have a Maud Lewis original “Oxen in Winter” as a feature item in our upcoming ART Auction on September 26. I decided I would study up on some of the Auction’s  featured artists and thought Maud Lewis would be the obvious place to start. In future postings I will dive into the backgrounds of some of the other artists.

"Oxen in Winter" by Maud Lewis

For more information about the ART Auction, please follow this link or email us at


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