FIVE Century House Tour – August 28

This summer’s “must attend” event for house and history buffs alike takes place on Saturday, August 28th in Annapolis Royal.  It’s the FIVE-CENTURY HOUSE TOUR, a major fundraiser for the Annapolis Heritage Society and the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens.

The FIVE-CENTURY HOUSE TOUR has two wonderful components:  The Day House Tour and the Evening Musical Tour.  Tickets for each are $25.  The Day Tour features six houses, open from 10 am until 4 pm, representing the five centuries of built heritage in Annapolis Royal: the 17th century Acadian cottage; the delightful 18th century Bonnett house, never before open to the public; the 19th century Runciman House, sensitively refreshed since its sale by the Heritage Canada Foundation to private owners; the charming 20th century Arts and Crafts Pickels-How House and the sweetly simple 20th century Colonial Revival Foster-Nicholson House. In addition, you’ll view a 21st century home– the Langstaff House, a vibrant reproduction in the 1880s Victorian Stick/Eastlake style. The house guides, all volunteers, are dressed in period costume.

“Also featured is a Mystery House,” says Jane Nicholson, House Tour Chair. “It’s a fun idea – 30 people can choose to pay an extra $10 and get a special tour of a seventh heritage award-winning house, but they won’t know which house it is until the morning of the Tour!”

The Evening Musical Tour provides a cultural experience with elements of music, food and heritage. The properties involved include the Historic Gardens, reflecting the peaceful co-existence of Acadians and First Nations peoples; St. Luke’s Anglican Church, the Fort Anne Garrison church, celebrating 300 years of the Anglican Church in Canada; and the O’Dell House Museum, where Annapolis Royal’s “Golden Age of Sail” will be the focus in a “Sea Shanties and Cider” interpretation.

To order your tickets, call or e-mail the Historic Gardens at (902) 532-7018 or the Annapolis Heritage Society at (902) 532-7754

Tickets may be purchased online via the Historic Gardens web-shop.


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