Successful Winter Market…

Annapolis Royal’s inaugural Winter Market was a great success today. The sun was shining, there were food vendors with baked goods, meat, eggs, fish, wine, squash, parsnips, and lots more, some non-food vendors, and lots of people coming through the doors and making purchases. I never thought to bring a clicker so I could count heads, but I would estimate easily more than 100 people… all seeming very pleased at this new effort!


Town Crier Peter Davies officially opens the Winter Market!


Jerri buys some fish...


John & Melissa getting their weekly meat supply!


The Winter Market will continue in the “Gazebo” at the Historic Gardens throughout the winter. Although the building is unheated, once there were people inside it stayed surprisingly warm. And remember, we have walls and a roof, so the Market will be open rain or shine on Saturday mornings, 9-12. For information, call 532-2043.



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