Hawg Wild in the Gardens

Well, as promised, we’ve been going Hawg Wild in the Gardens as part of Wharf Rat Rally 2009!

To start with, we created a display of cycle-themed planters in the Courtyard, thanks to Julie, one of our creative gardeners. Thanks to Loomer’s in Kingston who contributed the old motorcycle parts!



Secondly, we’ve had the odd motorcycle on display which has turned out to be really popular! A good number of visitors have been seen taking pictures with the display bikes! This one is mine…


We had Mark Towers, sax player extraordinaire, providing music…


And of course, we’ve had the Wharf Rats bringing their bikes into the Gardens for photos! The “bikers” have been extremely enthusiastic about getting their bikes photographed in the Gardens!



Is that cool, or what?


One thought on “Hawg Wild in the Gardens

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