The time is close… a monarch emergence is coming!

What a difference a few hours makes at this stage. The chrysalis started to change this morning. The first shot was taken at about 1pm today.


This next photo was taken at about 8pm. A huge change!


See how much thinner the cocoon is? And look at the markings of the monarch – it’s already beautiful and it’s still all scrunched up!

I built her (yes, I believe it is a girl, from the markings) a butterfly house of sorts tonight so that she will be safe until we can release her in the garden. As a butterfly, she will be a delicate creature and we don’t want to hurt her in transit!


It will be exciting to see if she has already emerged by morning, or if perhaps she will wait until we can see the grand event… she’s really close, so it may be an overnight birth!


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