Monarch Caterpillar – A Royal Visitor!

This past Friday we received a very special visitor – a Monarch butterfly caterpillar has come to stay at the Gardens for a while.

It’s all cozy in a glass case with milkweed plants to feed on, and likely in the next few days it will form a shiny green and gold ‘chrysalis’ (cocoon).  Then in a couple weeks, a beautiful Monarch should emerge!


A local butterfly enthusiast found this caterpillar in Lequille and rescued it, ensuring that it would have the proper food source to survive and become a butterfly. She brought it to the Gardens so that it could be appreciated by the public, and could be a source of learning for young and old alike about this special “species at risk”. Along with the caterpillar, there are displays explaining the life cycle of the Monarch, and all sorts of other information, and a caterpillar journal where we ask visitors to make some notes about what they are seeing.

Once a butterfly emerges, we hope to release it in the Gardens new Butterfly Garden, planted recently with the help of some local youngsters!


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