Chinese Catalpa – a Funky Feature Revisited

I went out with the camera yesterday, after the big snowstorm, and shot a few photos. Most of them were of snow laden shrubbery, but when I looked up toward the sky I noticed that the beans on the Chinese Catalpa were still hanging in there and providing quite a funky contrast against the winter sky.

In my September 26 Bloom Report, my Funky Feature of the Week was the Catalpa. To recap…

Located on the main path between the Courtyard and the Rose Garden, beside the pond, is our Chinese Catalpa. This large tropical-looking tree is now sporting its bean-like seed pods, making it quite a funky sight (catalpas are sometimes called Indian Bean Trees, for obvious reasons.)

Chinese Catalpa - Sept 2008

Chinese Catalpa - Sept 2008

Here the beans were making shadow-puppets through one of the giant leaves…
Chinese Catalpa - Shadows

Chinese Catalpa - Shadows

So now, 4 months later, the Catalpa is still providing quite a show, and adding interest and form to a winter garden.
Chinese Catalpa - Feb 2009

Chinese Catalpa - Feb 2009

Chinese Catalpa - Feb 2009

Chinese Catalpa - Feb 2009


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